TMS Services Provided by Constellation


The Constellation TMS services efficiencies that reduce your freight costs–it even makes life easier for your carriers and vendors. With one place for everybody to easily access everything they need for your shipping operation, each person can focus on the more important parts of their operation. That means greater productivity at a lower cost–for all parties. These services include the following, and more:

Constellation TMS

Inbound TMS

Make it easy for both you and your vendors to schedule shipments. No need to phone calls or e-mails back and forth–just a single portal where your vendors can schedule shipments using your rates and your carries. Vendors only see the least cost available carrier for that lane, and you receive ASNs when the shipment has been booked to the carrier so you know when your freight will arrive.

Dock Scheduling

Carriers also gain the ability to schedule their own appointments online through the schedule you determine. Now you know which carriers are coming and when, so there are no lines forming at your facility and no detention charges coming your way. With a single portal for scheduling, your staff no longer has to wrestle with building and maintaining spreadsheets or whiteboards manually–everyone has visibility to the schedule, so they can perform their role at ultimate efficiency.

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Manual Load Merging

Save money by merging many LTL shipments into a single truckload. No need for you to make the calculations–Constellation allows you to easily see which loads can be merged together. Whether the truckload is a single or multi-stop load, Constellation can also create the proper Master BOL and Sub-BOLs for the shipment.

Load Optimization

If you need a more detailed level of shipping analysis to optimize your shipments, we have an algorithm that can create the most optimized load planning solution. You send in your orders, and our engine creates the best possible plan for moving your freight.

Constellation TMS

Reporting & Compliance

Reports are available on on-demand or on a scheduled basis. Constellation provides access to hundreds of reports that allow you to walk into your office, open your inbox, and have all the information you need right in front of you.

Freight Audit & Payment

Constellation TMS works in tandem with TranzAct’s world class freight audit & payment system that ensures your invoices are paid accurately and only once. The resulting data warehouse becomes the bedrock for your transportation activities, providing business intelligence that helps you make informed decisions going forward.

Self Invoicing

Eliminate balance-dues and reduce the need for manual intervention in the freight billing process with Constellation’s ability to incorporate self invoicing. Since Constellation has all the necessary information about a shipment, it automatically creates the invoice and allows the carrier to add after-the-fact accessorials directly into the system for your approval. Once approved, you will have the complete cost of your freight, allowing for a completely accurate accrual.