Automated Processes via Constellation TMS
Save You Time & Money

Automated Processes

Constellation TMS can automate several processes according to your business rules, saving you time and money while allowing you to concentrate on more complex issues.

Automating the shipment execution process can help you manage a large number of shipments with minimal resources. From simply rating your shipments, auto-tendering, creating a BOL, or sending an ASN to your customers, automating your shipping processes will take care of the routine work.

Other automated features include the ability to:

  • Create Loads – Create your loads directly from your ERP.

  • Return Data – See load information in your ERP. Once a load has been accepted by a carrier, Constellation TMS will send a file back to your ERP system to let your team know which carrier is moving the load, the tracking number, the cost, and more.

  • Rating – Constellation will automatically rate each load against all your carriers and contracts, so you always know the cost of a load and which carrier is the least cost option before you tender it out.

  • Auto-Tender – Constellation can automatically tender your loads to the least cost carrier or choose a different carrier based on your routing guide. Do you have customers with special carrier preferences? No problem. Constellation TMS can exclude certain carriers for specific customers or locations.

  • Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) – Do you have customers that require an ASN once the load has been tendered? Constellation can automate this process as well. Once the load tender has been accepted by the carrier, Constellation TMS will send an ASN to the correct person within moments of the tender acceptance.

With these automated features and more, Constellation TMS frees you up to manage only those loads that require special attention.

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