TMS Benefits of Constellation

Transportation Management System Benefits

Transportation management system benefits with Constellation TMS saves you time and money by introducing automation and efficiency into your operations. The many processes it automates, the visibility it brings to shippers, carriers, and customers, and its tracking capabilities produce real-time savings. Beyond that, Constellation’s reporting features not only create real-time savings, but pave the way for future savings as well through business intelligence.
High Visibility with Real-Time Updates

High Visibility

Everyone in your organization can see the information they need to make your supply chain run smooth, all the way from the dock to the accountants to the C-Suite. Not only that, your carriers and customers can access the portal to get just the information they need to know about their shipments. LEARN MORE >>
Reporting / Analytics


Constellation’s dashboards give you a heads up on everything that is happening on a given time, and the reporting features access your historical data to give you the business intelligence you need to identify areas for improvement. LEARN MORE >>
Automated Process
Automated Process (Including Electronic Tendering)

Automated Processes

Automating several process, such as rating and tendering out freight, will save you hours as you no longer make phone calls and exchange e-mails back and forth. Plus, instead of handling loads one at a time, simply send a load file to Constellation, and it will rate and automatically tender the load to right the carrier based on your business rules. LEARN MORE>>
Cloud-Based Single Portal
Cloud-Based Single Portal

Cloud-Based Portal

Access the information to need from anywhere and on any device. All you, your carriers, and your customers need is a web connection, and the mobile-responsive tool makes it easy to check status or make new plans. LEARN MORE>>
User Friendly with Quick Setup and Training

User Friendly

Constellation was designed for those who want to be able to manage transportation easily, without having to wade through all kinds of extras to get to the information they need at their fingertips. The interface is simple and clean, and you can learn to use it in less than a day. LEARN MORE>>
Fully Staffed Call Center(optional)

Call Center

Our optional call center has transportation experts standing by to help you 24/7. If you want someone to help manage your shipping activity, or just need a team that can identify ways for you to consolidate loads, our call center is here for you. LEARN MORE>>
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